That's me (Feb 2014)

My name is Kelly Spore and I'm the proprietor of this humble site. It's my world, website actually, and I get to say anything I desire. That being said, I do encourage you to comment. Please send a message telling me of my brilliance or my idiocy.

So Welcome to my personal landing page and website on the net. Here you will find links to my various social networking profiles, my professional resume and other bits and bobs.

Many proprietors of personal websites completely shuttered their sites in preference of just using social media. Others like myself decided that a personal website allowed for aggregating our many social media profiles with one doorway

A true friend freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.
— William Penn

I live in Texas, it seems only natural that I love boots!  Right?