Sun Rises On A New View

Today the sun rises on a new a view. A View From Kellysworld. I’m debuting a new addition to my long existing but seldom visited website. This view is as simple as it sounds. Dedicated to the simple idea of taking the news of the day, across any genre of news, to add my voice to the cacophony of voices already inhabiting the vastest of time and space. 

Why? I’m not sure my voice is any more important that any other voice, but it’s not less important. My voice may very well be less educated than others. It will definitely be less informed much of the time. This though isn’t an attempt at an academic review of a subject or a truly journalistic endeavor either. That’s not to say I may not take some time and dive into the sources of information to guide or inform my personal opinion. Using that information to help me distill my more chaotic voices into a more organized pattern. Which isn’t to say I won’t let passion rule the day. 

When possible I will definitely link, directly or indirectly, to sources I might use; to me that’s only fair and ridiculously easy to accomplish in the ever connected world of the Internet. At times though my thoughts may be only mine, only supported by my personal opinion and personal experiences. In a world of editorial writing, surely that’s acceptable.

I could eventually take my thoughts to my YouTube channel, but as much as I hate seeing myself on camera it could be a long while before I grace anyone’s screen in a visual format beyond reading. My hat is off to those that can do so and do so well. I’m rather confident that while my public speaking is better than the average bear, my face is not one built for TV. One could say I have a face for radio, but alas I don’t think I have a voice for one. So let’s just stick to the written form and see how it goes.

So the world according to Kelly, my view of it anyway, will be available for anyone that wishes to dive into my thoughts. To them I say only this - diver beware.