Dr. Who Spoof - Very Funny

Have you heard of Rowan Atkinson? Yes you have, because I know you have heard of "Mr. Bean." Well is this Comic Relief production Rowan Atkinson is "Dr. Who." Jonathan Pryce is none other than the "Master." You will also spot several other English actors you know so well. Even better, it appears the Dr Who production team was in on all the fun.

If you enjoy Dr Who you are going to love this beautifully done spoof that has lots of fun with the Dr Who mythos and its well known "over-the-top" style. Never you mind, just watch and I will explain later. (This spoof is based on "classic" Dr Who.)

Video of the Week: Funny Words

I think I've got a pretty good video of the week for you. With nearly 250,000 views on YouTube since April 21st (4 days) it's currently one of the hottest videos on YouTube; and for good reason. I've not seen her videos (spricket24) before, but I will have to check some of them out. Basically in this one she runs through lots of "funny" words. Not funny because of what they mean, but funny in how they sound. At one point, one of the words cracks her up as she is trying to say it.

Apparently this bit of comedy sprang from saying "gobsmacked" to someone and having that person laugh at her for using the word. Gobsmacked, if you didn't know, means utterly astonished; no I didn't know that until I looked it up!

Getting a "Buzz" Cut

I've been going to the same place to get my haircuts for years now, ever since I moved to Wylie. Of course he hadn't tried to cut my hair with a saw before. I've heard of a buzzcut, but that's a little ridiculous.In all fairness, I got out alive and with a good cut; one that allowed me to keep my head and my ears where they belong.

CNN, SNL & Jon Stewart

10/13/09 Jon Stewart digs CNN for fact checking SNL skit
You just have to watch this video. It's a classic. Here are some keywords to think on before watching. President Obama, SNL, CNN and John Stewert. This isn't about politics, just basic sillyness on an international level.