Get Ready for iPhone 6 - Sept 9th

Okay my fine feathered friendly Facebook family... I get asked regularly "when is the next iPhone coming?" Well, I can't tell you the date of release; however, I can tell you the date of announcement. It will be September 9th at 10 am Pacific. The invite to the press merely states "We wish we could say more." Not an atypical press invite for Apple.

Wait there's more. The event is being held in the very same location that hosted the public announcement of Macintosh way back in 1984. Thirty short years ago for those needing a little help with the math.

But wait... there's still more!!! A strange three-story building is going up next to the auditorium. It's believed this building is for Apple's event. An impenetrable force field (security personnel and a fence) has been established to keep prying eyes from the press, Microsoft and Samsung out.

That old hamster in the rumor mill is getting a work out as questions abound. Will the much discussed iWatch see the light of day? Will Apple premier the next version of the AppleTV? What's the purpose of that humongous three story structure? Why choose this venue for the event? Will we see two iPhones? How much will they cost? Will cats and dogs finally sleep together? Does anyone care that Brad & Angelina got hitched? Will J.J. Abrams use lens flare in Star Wars 7: New Hope for a New Trilogy? 

Guess all will be revealed on September 9th, right? Maybe not, rumors continue to circulate about an October event. If a new iPad fits your finicky fancy, that's probably the event for you.