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On Friday the iPhone 4S goes on sale. Tomorrow, Wednesday, iOS 5 becomes available to the general public as a free upgrade for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad & iPad 2 owners. Basically it's a big week for users of Apple handheld mobile products. (Btw, if you haven't already pre-orderd yours, you have at least a 2 week wait.) Today it seems the embargo on talking about the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 was lifted. Many of the big technology columnists have already posted their iPhone 4S reviews. I've read them all and so far they are extremely positive. Especially when it comes to Siri.

iPhone 4S with SiriThe other thing many of them said was that if you own an iPhone 4, there isn't a need to "rush" and buy the upgrade. iOS 5 will bring most of the new features; but not Siri. The other big new feature of the iPhone 4S is the camera. The still camera can shoot at 8 megapixles with a pretty wide open F-Stop. The video camera can shoot 1080p video. The samples I've seen so far are pretty amazing for a phone.

Take a look at the reviews below. I will add more reviews as they are published. I've also included two videos. One from Jason Snell about Siri, and another video from MG Siegler showing 1080p video.

Here is the video from Macworld about Siri:



Here is the video from MG Siegler showing 1080p video (To see 1080p, remember to change video quality):


What's so great about Siri?

What's so great about Siri?
Very interesting article about the foundations of Siri and how it compares to Androids voice commands. I can't pass judgement until I use it.

What’s So Great About Siri? | Cult of Mac

What's So Great About Siri? Share. Tweet. By Mike Elgan (8:32 am, Oct. 08, 2011). What's So Great About Siri? Apple announced speech recognition for the next iPhone. Big deal. Android's ha...

MacRumors: Next Gen AppleTV Coming?

MacRumors is reporting that evidence of a next generation AppleTV has been found in the bowls of iOS 5.  This isn't surprising, products of the "future" have been found in Apple mobile operating system before; but the lead times can be incrediblly long (further evidence Apple plans well in advance). What could a new AppleTV have in store? 1080p is the most likely candidate. Since the iPhone 4S will produce 1080p video and the A5 can easily handle 1080p video - it seems a no brainer that Apple will eventually start streaming 1080p movies. Personally, the quality I get today with 720p is pretty darn good on my 55" 1080p LED TV. I think the AppleTV would have to do more than just 1080p to get me to replace the two we currently have in our home. I'm sure Apple has something else under their sleeve, but I will say that for a hobby the AppleTV is constantly being leveraged.

MacRumors Article: Next Generation AppleTV References Found in iOS 5, But When?