Andy Ihnatko: WWDC 2012 Keynote Wrap-Up

Over on the Chicago Sun Times prolific tech columnist and podcaster Andy Ihnatko has written some 2000+ words to cover yesterday's WWDC 2012 Keynote. As always he does a great job of touching on all the important details as well as throwing in the occasional informed commentary. Over the coming weeks and months I would expect to see a fair amount of additional commentary on and reviews of all the products announced today. Typically I think he is spot on with his assessments of Apple and technology in general. This article is no different.

You will find his article over on the Chicago Sun Times website, or you can just click on the link below. I'm sure he will be writting simillar articles on the upcoming Google developers conference and Microsoft has one near year's end that will complete the picture of what the big three have planned for 2013.

Check out his article: IHNATKO: Apple Updates MacBooks, iPhone Software, more

WWDC 2012 Keynote Announcements

My friend over at the has a quick run down of all the major announcements from Apple's WWDC 2012 keynote address. The basics are this though: Snow Lion in July for $19.99, iOS 6 in Fall for Free, MacBook Air updates, MacBook Pro updates, NEW Retina MacBook Pro for $2199 and Siri comes to the iPad. If you want to see the Keynote then pop over to Apple's Event website for the Apple WWDC 2012 Keynote Address. Be warned, it's nearly 2 hours long; but enjoyable if you are an Apple aficionado. If not, the MoxieMo video below is perfect!

I'll post some of my thoughts later in the week.

Time To Watch the Keynote

Okay, I'm done with work. Now time to have some fun. Lots of changes, especially to iOS from what I'm hearing. iCloud, from what I've heard, steals the show but won't be available for several months. From Apple's website, nothing has actually been released yet; just all for developers. If you want to watch the Keynote you can find it over on the Apple Website. Should be on iTunes in the next day or so. It seems to trail by about 24 hours after going up on the Apple website.

WWDC 2011 Starts Tomorrow!

WWDC 2011Tomorrow WWDC begins with a keynote from Steve Jobs and company. Much is going to be discussed and while we don't know the specifics, we do know the topics of discussion. First there will be Mac OS 10.7, codenamed "Lion." This is the version of Mac OS that incorporates that which has been learned through several years of iOS development and feedback. Many features that we see in today's iPad will be seen in tomorrow's Mac OS.

Next up will be iOS 5. While we know a great deal about "Lion," and even had several developer's previews; we have seen nothing of Apple 5th iteration of the iOS. Many rumors abound and many pundits know what they want to see; but we really don't know what will be in it or when it will be released. We do believe that both "Lion" and iOS 5 will work very closely with iCloud.

The final "known" topic of discussion will be "iCloud" which is apparently the name for Apple's rebranded web services. What any of it will be is a total mystery; but many do think that music will be involved, maybe video and most likely user data. MobileMe probaby won't go away, but will end up under the iCloud umbrella. Since iCloud is being released at a developer conference, it seems likely there will be an SDK. That means we may see by the end of 2011 much more than just what Apple will give us.

Will we see a new iPhone? Can't say. Will we see a new Apple TV? Can't say. Will we see any new hardware? Can't say. Here is what I think.

Apple TV won't get a new version, but an update will be on the way and it will support iCloud in some way. It's also about time for apps to come to Apple TV. Not sure how likely it is, maybe it's more wishful thinking.

Rumors are that with iCloud Apple's Airport line of routers will get an upgrade, possibly with an A4 or A5 processor. The thought is that the router will be an "always on device" that will keep supplying data to your iPhone, iPad and iCloud services. I think something like this happening is pretty likely.

The iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 are too hotly discussed items. Some think a brand new iPhone design is coming. Others think that one year is just too short of time line to blow away a hot selling model and replace it will a brand new design. In that line of thinking many feel that what happened with the iPhone 3G will occur with the iPhone 4, a speed bump with a few "gotta have" features - the iPhone 4S. That would mean an iPhone 5 would come next year, probably hot on the heels of iPad 3. I have to hold with the iPhone 4S camp. The Verizon iPhone 4 in January and the white iPhone 4 in April, seems unlikely to throw away the design before 2012.

This is all guesswork on my part, but many pundits are saying much the same thing; probably more eloquently. What I can tell you is that by tomorrow night, the world will know. I just wish I were going to be at the keynote tomorrow. Maybe next year!

If you want a little more information on what might be coming, check out my blog post on iOS 5 Rumors over on the Moxie Mo Show Blog; or check out the Episode 210 of the Moxie Mo Show.