End the Age of Traditional TV Networks - Free The Content

In an age when we can easily broadcast video just about anywhere in the world for not much more money than sending the signal down the street it's time that the current exclusive deals with the networks of the 200+ nations of the earth needs to come to an end. 

I'm not saying for free, everyone gets to make money. There are multiple ways to make money while eyeballs watch content. There is the iTunes method of selling seasons or episodes. There is the netflix method of selling a service which includes a vast library of included content. There is the Hulu method of selling access on TVs to a then ad supported content stream (much like cable TV) and then there is the network website of ad supported content freely available. It's time the internet becomes the defacto delivery method to the home in contracts with content companies with the proviso that networks still can own exclusive rights to traditional methods outside of internet delivery. Heck, they could even show it on their own network websites. 

It won't be easy. There are no true world wide entertainment networks. There is no world wide cable company. There are many existing contracts. 

To make it happen would be a game of chicken. A popular show, content maker or premium network would have to say ENOUGH and then gamble big. A company like HBO is best positioned to do this first but risks alienating cable providers and studios, and at the moment I'm betting their contracts won't allow it. 

Until then entertainment will slowly traverse the globe while citizens can with relative ease move about the globe. 

Dallas - The Series Returns!

Many of you didn't watch Dallas during it's original run in the late 70's and 80's. I remember my parents watching the show and I even got hooked eventually on the intrigue, money and total abuse of power. It's the grand daddy of primetime soap operas and "Who Shot JR" started the cliffhanger trend that so many shows, including my favorite sci-fi shows, use decades later.

If you haven't heard, because you are living under a rock, Dallas is returning to television in a few short days on TNT. They've been pushing the show hard since last summer and have definitely got anticipation running high. The reviews are starting to come in, and they are very good. With the return we get three of the original actors who played J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen; along with a new young cast for the 21st century. So there will be plenty of money, sex and dirty dealing.

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New Apple iPad Ad - Now

Here's the latest iPad ad, "Now." Doesn't matter if you like Apple products or not. Doesn't matter if you have no plans to buy an iPad. You just have to admire the simplicity of Apple's ads. The ads aren't flashy. The ads don't reference price or competition. The iPad ads just show what's possible with an iPad, nothing more, nothing less.

Watching The Pacific?

The Pacific Are you watching "The Pacific" on HBO? If you do have HBO and you aren't watching "The Pacfiic" you are missing one hell of a mini-series. I won't say it's as good as "Band of Brothers" but it's far better than just about every other mini-series on TV and is one hell of a war movie! You can check it out every Sunday night at 8:00 central.

Now if you haven't been watching then you have missed the last 5 episodes, but from what I've seen HBO keeps on giving new viewers a chance to get fully caught up. Just check your schedule. If you are lucky, you might have "The Pacific" on your HBO On Demand. I know that FIOS has the first 4 episodes available currently, in HD too!

The Electric Company on Hulu

I loved The Electric Company growing up, much more so than Sesame Street. Even today when I watch the opening or see skits from so many years ago, I get a little tingly. I don't know how much I learned from the show, I just have really fond memories. Besides, its the first time I ever saw Morgan Freeman and even today I will watch anything he does. He's just so easy to watch. Anyway, I was checking out Hulu last night and noticed that they have added this 1970's children show to their lineup. Embedded below is one of the episodes. For more, check out Hulu.

Torchwood - Children of Earth

Torchwood is a spinoff of the BBC's worldwide sensation Dr. Who; and is equally as popular as it's much older brother. Like many younger brothers, Torchwood is edgier, more irreverent and much more willing to takes risks. This week the 3rd "series," as the Brits refer to a season, starts in the United States (it aired a few weeks ago in the UK). The last season ended with boom and tear in the eye, this season starts with scream and one cliffhanger after another. For five nights in a row the season will unfold. Last night was episode one, and it was excellent; as good as anything done for Dr. Who so far. Lots of promise for the week. If you like SCI-FI at all, then you owe it to yourself to check it out. You can start watching "series" 3 without seeing Dr. Who or the previous two "series," but you will miss out on all the character exposition that has occurred over the past two years; that's true of any series though. Watch it and if you like it the first season is available on DVD and BlueRay and I think the second season is about to be released too.

I've embedded the trailer which gives a good, but quick, look into the weeks episodes. The BBC is betting the farm on this show, it's the show that the BBC used to launch BBC America HD (which so far FIOS doesn't have yet). They are also using it to prepare fans for the upcoming Dr. Who special that airs on Sunday (trailer to follow).


''Battlestar Galactica'' Confirmed for Third Season

In reading Digg.com this morning I learned that Battlestar Galactica will be renewed for a 3rd season. In my humble opinion this is the best series on the SciFi Channel and one of the best series on TV today; easily in the top 10. It is well acted, well directed, well written and the special effects are used just as that... not as stars of the show. It has taken the flaky but fun original from 1979 and given it a new spin and a new life. For me I think it now beats out Babylon 5 for best Science Fiction show ever, but I will have to watch it for a few more seasons before making such a radical statement.

From Digg: What hitherto was rumoured has now been confirmed. The best scripted show currently on Television (yes, beating out even "Lost" and "Rome") has been renewed for a third season.

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