+Dennis Freitas invited me as a guest on...

+Dennis Freitas invited me as a guest on his podcast the other night, GooglePlus Today. We discuss a few new features in GooglePlus along with a frank conversation on the debate about allowing under 18 on GooglePlus. Currently they can't use GooglePlus. Check it out and let us know what you think! iTunes - Podcasts - Google Plus Today by Dennis Freitas

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If you have an iPhone, time to do an update...

If you have an iPhone, time to do an update. Google+ just got a "little" better. It's still not universal (read that "not iPad ready"), it doesn't support landscape keyboard, and you still can't start a hangout. That being said you can +1 a photo, updates to Messenger and of course "bug fixes." I didn't say it was a major update. You can get it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/google/id447119634?mt=8.

Reshared post from Carmelyne Thompson

While I understand what +Carmelyne Thompson is saying, I'm not sure I fully agree. Will my post be seen if I post it "public?" Yes. Will it be seen by anyone I care to see it if I post it "public" or just to my "circles." I don't think so unless they are specifically looking for what I posted. My biggest issue at the moment with Google+ is discoverability of the items I want to see. The filtering is just painfully manual. While I can't say as I love Facebook, I am seeing at the top of my feed those folks I'm most interested in seeing when they post something. Maybe my problem with Google+ is that my friends, family and co-workers just aren't using Google+. They do lots of social networking, just not on Google. Is that Google's problem or my problem, I really don't know. Carmelyne Thompson originally shared this post:

I can't pass up the opportunity to correct this diagram.

Via +Kim Beasley

Tonight is All Hallow's Eve. Don't walk...

Tonight is All Hallow's Eve. Don't walk down any long dark hallways, don't walk alone in a big empty field and to my teenage friends - don't make out with your eyes closed. For heavens sake, if the soundtrack to your life starts getting all spooky - don't lock yourself in a room with only one way in, that's also the only way out!

TechFan Podcast

Great group of guys and a great episode. Mark Greentree originally shared this post:

Check out myself plus +Dennis Freitas +Jeffrey Bradbury and +Kelly Spore Hi-jacking the TechFan Podcast.

On this episode of Not Another Tech Fan Podcast Mark is joined by Dennis Freitas, Jeff Bradbury and Kelly Spore.

We discuss on this episode: G+ and social networking, Technology in education, and RANT: Our likes and dislikes at the moment

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- Dennis can be found at http://about.me/dennisfreitas and his podcast is Google Plus Today.
- Jeff can be found at www.TeacherCast.net and his podcast is TeacherCast.
- Kelly can be found at http://kellysworld.net/

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"Steve Jobs" arrives on bookshelves, iPads...

"Steve Jobs" arrives on bookshelves, iPads & Kindles on Monday. Currently it is number one on the Amazon top 100 books, and it's been there for 43 days. Pretty amazing considering it's not yet even been released. From what we are seeing leaked about the book we are going to learn details we never knew. We may confirm beliefs we never could before. Most of all millions of Steve Job's admirers will get one last look at the man who would be king of technology in both the 20th century and the 21st century. Genius like his will be seen again, but probably not in my lifetime, maybe not even in my children's lifetime. I also think that we really won't understand Steve Job's genius for many years to come, or his ability to see into the hearts and minds of consumers.

He didn't achieve world peace, or win a great war. He didn't event a life saving drug or write the great american novel. He did though change the world, and did it a few times over. He didn't do it alone. No person changes the world alone. What he did do was have the vision and the insight. He chose the right people. He made the right decisions most of the time. He was a leader. He may have been an ass to some. He may have been obnoxious to others. There is no denying that he created a company that has had a major impact on the world of technology, then returned to save that very same company and in the process not only impact the world of technology but also the world of entertainment, communication and news.

I for one look forward to reading his biography. I hope, as this review indicates, that it doesn't pull any punches; telling it as it was. You can tell the merit of a man without learning about his strengths his foibles. ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson - Review

Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs is a clear, elegant and concise book of record.

Maybe I'm just getting old. Maybe I love...

Maybe I'm just getting old. Maybe I love Apple products too much; but this is just a great story. A little girl saves her money and an Apple Store manager breaks the rules to make that little girl happy. I think it's a great story, maybe you will too. 10 Year Old Girl’s Apple Dream Comes True

10 Year Old Girl's Apple Dream Comes TrueWe all have dreams. As children they start small, typically only costing imagination. As we get older those dreams come with a higher price of sacrifice, compr...