RIAA Wants to Stop Recording Digital Radio

This won't affect anyone today, but tomorrow is another story. While I don't record songs off the airways anymore, as a child I did. I would record the songs for later listening or make my own radio show. While I believe that the artists and lables have a right to their hard earned (I guess it is hard) money, if they want to make money selling songs and albumns they will have to find a way to do it, not make the actions of millions of law abiding citizens criminals by passing a law that won't actually curb real pirating.

There is always a work around, there is always a faster computer and a smarter programmer that will figure out how to break what has been locked. The RIAA is getting out of control and to my eternal shame, our government is actually helping them. In the past they have been told to take a flying leap, as was the MPAA back in the early 80's with VCRs. Not anymore.

Broadcast flags, CDs that install software that can cripple your computer, CDs that you can't rip to your iPod. It's just insane! All we can do is complain and not buy products from folks that participate in these ventures.

File under "No Surprise": The RIAA wants to take away your right to record songs off the radio

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