Uploaded Da Vinci House Photos


While I don't have photos of every part of the house, these photos should give you a good idea of what our new home looks like. The photos are not in full color for two reasons: 1) I like the look, 2) the color versions had a red tint to them that I couldn't remove. I've also tried something new, I'm linking to Flickr direclty. So if you click on the photos you will be taken to Flickr; from there you will be able to see a slide show of the photos are select the ones you like. Flickr also allows you to order photos.
You will find these photos a few different ways. One, click on the photo to the left, click on the text in the left column that states "New Photos of Da Vinci House in Wylie" or click on the link below.

Photos of Da Vinci House

Moving, Moving, Moving....

Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow we all move into our new house. It will be a crazy, mixed-up day; but then so was today. The moving company sent over the packers today, and when I left about 7:45 this morning, they were well into creating boxes and boxes of our stuff. They were here for five hours packing away. I wish I could say I was here supervising them, but alas I had to go to work and the job of supervisor was left to Tracy. The packers did their jobs, and did them well; when I got home around 6:00 I found the house filled with boxes and displaced furniture. Actually, the movers packed pretty much everything, including items we really didn't want them to pack. Oh well, they did their jobs.

So much was packed up that sleeping in this house tonight would be less than comfortable, so it is off to the new house. Javier is bringing over a couple of air mattresses for us to sleep on tonight. We are actualy looking forward to it. We had originally planned on staying the night there, but the packers packed away our nice air mattress. Like i said, they packed everything. Tracy is very happy and will enjoy spending her first night at the new house, even if it isn't in the comfort she is accustomed to. Honestly, I am as well.

I have photos of the packing, and will post them when I get a chance.

Soon I am signing off the this network for the last time and sometime tomorrow afternoon I will be able to sign onto the new network. I've not built it yet, but I will. Until then, we are all moving, moving, moving!

Moving Day - Not Far Off

We don't know what day we will be moving, but we do know it will be prior to June 23rd. That's right, we have only a few short weeks left in my first house. I started construction on this house back in October of 2002 and moved in on January 3rd of 2003. This was my first house and while not a complicated project for me personally, was still a major milestone in my life. While I will move on to other houses, other homes, this 1600 sq. foot structure will always hold a special place in my life. Not just because it was my first house, it was also the first house that Tracy, Courtney and I shared together; and together we are moving on to our next house, our next home.

I don't know for how long I will wax nostalgic about this house, and I am not the only one. All three of us do love this house; we have just outgrown what it can provide. The next house is bigger and yes, even a little nicer. There is a little work that we need to do and it won't be the same no matter what we do. As always, life is fully about change. One could say that this is just the final result of my new life with Tracy, and one might be right. That isn't to say that I don't fully enjoy each and every change that I've experience since meeting Tracy, in point of fact, I have fully enjoyed them all.

So while I say good bye to this house and the few years I lived here, I say hello to a new one and all the new experiences that come with that home. I also know that a new couple will become the caretaker of the home I had built. I believe they will take good care of her and she will in turn take good care of them.

Tracy Says Goodbye

For those that read the title and thought, "Oh No! What Happened?" Don't worry, Tracy is only saying good-bye to her house in Plano. We were to say our absolute final good-byes today, but the closing didn't happen and it seems to now be on for Monday. Tracy and her ex-husband built that house about five years ago and watched several of their children grow into adulthood in that house, so it has a special place in Tracy's life.

We are working to make the house in Wylie, the one I built, a special place as well. Tracy has already put her mark on the house and done a great job in redecorating... or actually decorating as I really never did anything in that department.

Check out her entry over at Coffee Talk as she says goodbye to an Old Friend.

Moving Day - The Sequel

Well, it's moving day again and the only good thing about it... daylight savings time kicked off last night and I got an extra hours sleep. YEAH! It's 7:30 now and we are supposed to be at the house to meet Tracy's parents at 8:00. Then at 9:30 I have to go and pick up the U-Haul truck. We don't have a lot of items and no furniture, but lots of boxes yet to move. Lots of christmas decorations and Tracy's minuture Christmas house collection as well.

That should, after today, leave the house pretty much move out of. We may have a few strangler boxes to bring home and of course there will probably be some repairs that need to be done. The fence is a certainty, but I don't knwo what else. The fence will be enough of a financial problem. Rita took down two whole eight (8) foot sections.

So, it's off to Tracy's old house to move yet again, but I will have the joy of knowing I won't have to move again for several more years. I really hate moving. I really do.

Update (10:15pm)
Well I would like to say that we finished quickly and it wasn't anywhere as painful as I thought it would be; that though would be a tramendous lie. We got to the house at around 8:00 a.m. I picked up the truck and 9:00 a.m. (and U-Haul again screwed up having the reservation ended at 5:30 this afternoon instead of 8:00 a.m. tomorrow) and by 2:00 we were pulling out of neighborhood on our way to Paul and Gay's place. When I finially pulled into our driveway after dropping the van off back at Tracy's old house, it was after 6:00 pm. A very long day. Both of us are extreamly tired and Tracy is already dead to the world and fast asleep. Which is where I shall be shortly. Next weekend is "cleaning" weekend. The house is pretty clean already, but moving so many boxes around created all new messes to be taken care of, plus we are waiting to hear what work will need to be done before the sale. Maybe if we are really lucky, nothing will need to be done. Maybe!

Everything Must GO

After work last night Tracy and I stopped by her house. We were going there to eye what was left to remove and meet with one of her co-workers who said her boyfriend and her were interested in taking some of Tracy's stuff "off of her hands." Well they hit every room and filled up her little SUV with just about everything they could carry and they are coming back in a few days to take the big stuff.

As I mentioned, Tracy and I don't have the space in my house to store much of anything that we haven't already moved in. Space isn't tight, but if we were to bring any more furniture, it would be very tight. Plus she has lots of decor that either doesn't fit with the Wylie house or we just don't have a place for it.

So we told them that just about everything that was in the house was her's for the taking and take she did. She walked away with garage organizers, pictures, dishware, silverware, tupperware, etc. I felt like the one of those furniture commercials saying, EVERYTHING MUST GO and of course away it went.

Now, we didn't leave empty handed either and we still have some Christmas decorations we need to bring home and some stuff we are going to put into storage, but Tracy had already emptied the house of much of what she wanted to keep, everything that is left is of a "if we can't take it then we can give it to someone that needs or wants it." By taking this stuff off of our hands they are doing us as much of a favor as we are doing them. It just feels good.

House Off The Market

It's official, Tracy's house is off the market. It's not sold, but is pending sale. Like any sell we aren't getting what we want, but we can live with it and it is more than the buyer originally offered.

We don't close for several weeks and anything can happen, but it looks good. We do still have a lot to do to get the house ready and the inspection hasn't been done yet. We do still have to move some furniture out and clean out the attic. We can't just move it all hear as Tracy is seriously down grading as her house is nearly 5000 square feet and mine is less than 1700. There are only three of us, so space shouldn't be an issue for us just her furniture.

In any event this will bring to an end a chapter iin both our lives as we prepare to enter yet another. As the say though, "All is good."

Sent, while "On-the-go."

Kelly's World Times is Moving

That's right. I am finally getting around to making some changes to my site. You have probably already noticed that I have again changed the look of the site, nothing major and a pretty simple change at that. Just like this look better. I'm still tweaking though, so you may notice a few more small changes.

The big change though, at least for me is the change in URL or web address. Instead of being at http://www.kellysworld.net/journal it will be located at http://kwtimes.kellysworld.net. A seemingly simple change, but took me a little while to figure it all out. I prefer addressing it this way as it is simpler for folks to remember and is just cleaner.

For those looking for more "technical" information, I have moved from one form of sub-domain to another. A sub-domain is basically a web-site inside a web-site. If you use any large websites you will notice they use sub-domains a great deal. Anytime they basically move to a more independent part of the website they put it under a sub-domain. This allows for a totally different nagivational system as well as an independent look and feel.

I have a few other ideas in my head for changes to the entire site. Some of the tools I had used in the past I don't have access to anymore so I am going to have to re-build a lot of the old site. So if I can keep to my guns, in a few months we may actually see KellysWorld.net v3.0. It may not be revolutionary and it may not be any different at all. Just not completely sure yet; I just feel it is time to make a few changes.

For now though, hopefully, when you come to this site if you use the old address you will find yourself re-directed to the new address. I'm still working to make sure that all works right. You will know when it does though.

It won't all happen in a nice and systematic way, but the hits to my site aren't huge so for most of you reading this the change will seem to have just magically happened.