Movie Review: The Expendables 2

My daughter and I really enjoyed the The Expendables two summers ago. It turned out to be my daughter's (17 years old) favorite movie. Shocking to me considering the stars of the movie were action stars when I was her age. What wasn't to love though if you enjoy a good action flick that puts the plot where it needs to be... the back seat. The Expendables wasn't a great movie, but it was a seriously fun ride. Seeing Stallone, Willis and Swartzenager all on screen at the exact same time was just BONUS!

When news that the inevitable sequel was is production and that not only would we see MORE of Willis and Swartzenager, but also Chuck Norris and Van Damn; quite simply we were excited - SIGN US UP! We knew the movie would again be short on plot while heavy on action. We didn't care, that's what we wanted!

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Brave - Coming Soon "Families Legend" Trailer

If you think modern animation you probably think Pixar. There was a time when you thought Disney. Of course a few years back Disney bought Pixar so now when you think modern animation you can again think "Disney." Does it really matter? NOPE! I really don't care who is doing the animation as long as the story is good and the animation is flawless. That being said, the Pixar team still does it the best, and to date hasn't had a single flop. Their latest creation is Brave and from the trailers, it does seem they may very well have yet another hit on their hands. Poor Pixar, must be difficult to never know failure. What's Brave about? Really, does it matter? Pixar made it and you should go see it! Okay, if you must know, here is the official movie description:

"Determined to make her own path in life, Princess Merida defies a custom that brings chaos to her kingdom. Granted one wish, Merida must rely on her bravery and her archery skills to undo a beastly curse."

Enjoy the trailer!

It's Friday - Excellent

TGIFIt feels like a week twice as long as normal, but it was in actuality a day shorter. It didn't help my number one was on vacation at work and I had a major nut to crack with regards to training. Friday is here now, so I'm happy.

Doubly so because tonight I'm taking my lovely wife out to dinner; just the two of us. Going to our favorite Austrian Cafe, Jorges. It's wonderfully relaxing and fantastically quaint. I was hoping to take my brother there in August, but alas it appears he and is family can't come. He's been accepted into grad school. Damn proud of my little brother.

Tomorrow I should be seeing a old family friend that I've not seen since I graduated from college. Actually it may have been high school. He was always a rock when I was a boy. I met him in Civil Air Patrol. Yes, I wore a silly blue uniform for a spell. It's always nice to see old friends. So many have drifted into the mist of time.

For fun, I think I'm going to try and catch Transformer 3 this weekend. Both of my daughters, my usual movie buddies, went and saw it with friends. Can you believe it, they both ditched me for friends!! Transformers isn't going to be Oscar winning material, but a summer movie should be more like an amusement park ride and less like a night at the theater. Don't get me wrong, The King's Speech is one of my all time favorites and The Lord Of The Rings managed to cover both bases; but a two hour explosive ride is my idea of a good summer movie.

This weekend I might even see if I can finish Infamous. I'm actually enjoying that game. Next time I play though, I'm going EVIL. If you haven't tried it out, you should. I believe Infamous 2 is already out, maybe a Christmas present.

I can tell you the one thing I'm not doing - working outside! It's silly hot out here in Texas and just looking outside makes me sweat! I'm sure that Tracy will come up with some tasks too, the infamous "honey dos." It's my weekend for laundry I think. There is also an article I need to finish for The Moxie Mo Show Blog.

Well, it's time to start the weekend. Too bad it's only two days this week. Sure would love another four day work week, even a long one like this week.

POC: On Stranger Tides

On Stranger TidesToday Tracy, Krisite and I are going to go see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. We've seen all of them and have enjoyed them all. No they won't win Oscars for acting or writing, but they are FUN!! Johnny Depp is a blast as Captain Jack Sparrow, and Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa always seems to steal the scene. With Ian McShane joining this latest voyage as Blackbeard and Penelope Cruz as a new vixen; it should be a wild ride.

I don't care if there will be a 5 and 6, just looking forward to having fun with number 4.


Toy Story 3 - "Meet Ken"

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are two of my favorite animated films, actually two of my favorite films period. Technically amazing for their day, still a joy to watch. Soon though the film series gets the "trilogy" treatment - Toy Story 3. While it might not be the most original name, has there been a Pixar movie yet that wasn't simply fantastic. Forgetting for the moment the incredible technology that goes into every new Pixar movie, the stories have an uncommon ability to appeal to children and adults. It's not surprising that the kings of animation, the house that Walt built, bought Pixar. Quite simply, Pixar was doing what Disney had failed to do - make animation not only popular but a box office hit - EVERY SINGLE TIME. While I've not seen Toy Story 3, what I have seen of it looks to be the makings of yet another box office hit; and yet another mandatory movie to add to my collection. Below is a scene from Toy Story 3. I'm guessing it's from early on in the film. It shows you all the characters you knew from the first two films, as well as glimpses into a few new ones - including Ken and Barbie; who apparently haven't met, yet!

Be sure to choose 720p if your computer will handle it, and then go FULL SCREEN!

httpvh:// (iPhone Friendly)

Toy Story 3 - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

[vsw id="5f-MYl-HzNw" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"] Wow, amazing HD on YouTube. If you have tried HQ on YouTube before you've probably been impressed, but not incredibly so. Wait till you watch this trailer from Toy Story 3 on youtube. It's in 1080p goodness, and at least for me it runs smooth as silk on my Mac. Jut amazing how much better video keeps getting on the net.

Video of the Week: 8/10 - Trailer 2012

I love trailers, and whether this movie is good or not... the trailer sure is fun. It's coming out in November, which seems like a strange release date for a movie like this; but November isn't a throwaway month either. Day After Tomorrow was a similar movie and made by the same folks. Cool special effects. Lots of destruction. The world on the edge of oblivion. Who knows, maybe a Mac will save the day! Okay, probably not, but it did in Independence Day and that was made by the same folks too. Enjoy the trailer to - 2012.