Little Wet This Morning

As you can see we received a little rain this morning. Sprinkled on us several times yesterday too. I'm told pretty normal and why there is so much "green" in Honolulu. I'm also told the rain comes quickly and leaves quickly. Weather report indicates we will see rain every two hours or so, but only sprinkles. I'm hoping the "haze" will burn off. It's not even 7am yet.



Friday Night Fireworks at The Hilton

WOW! That's the first thing that came to mind last night. I've seen lots of fireworks shows before and this one wasn't better, but wasn't worse either. Then to think that it's presented by the hotel as a weekly event and we find ourselves at WOW!!!!

The show lasts several minutes with lots of color and of course explosions. The fire them off right from the beach so it's impossible to have a bad seat. It's a popular show too. The beach was extremely crowded and when I turned around after the show i realized the entire area was packed behind us too.

If you are in Honolulu on a Friday night you have to check it out. Its on the hotel property but it's open to the public. Plenty of bars and restaurants too, make an evening of it.

Only in Standard Definition for now, no access to WiFi.

Hawaiian Trip Starts Soon

On Friday Tracy and I leave for Hawaii. Tracy has a conference she is attending and I will be, well ON VACATION. While Tracy has been to Hawaii several times, this will be my first trip to the island paradise. For seven days we will be staying at the Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort. While Tracy attends conference sessions and hob knobs with others from her profession, I will be checking out sites like Pearl Harbor, the Dole Plantation and the Iolani Palace.

I also plan on getting plenty of beach and surf time as well as plenty of sight seeing walking all over Waikiki and Honolulu. During the trip I will post photos and videos of my travels, and maybe even some underwater video if my new iPhone case works as advertised.

The best part about going to Hawaii, is that I know so little about it every day will be an adventure. Every corner, every sight, every meal will be something new. To me there is nothing as exciting as venturing through a brand new city. When it's one as gorgeous as Honolulu, it's even better.