Google+ to WordPress

Found a WordPress Plugin that allows for the importing of your Google+ posts into your WordPress feed. Not sure how well it works, but will find out. Google+ Importer for WordPress » Sutherland Boswell

Google+ Importer for WordPress. Google+ Importer is the best way to import your Google+ activity into your WordPress site. The plugin fetches new activity hourly and imports them as regular posts. You...

Could We: In Honor of Steve Job's Life

Maybe in honor of Steve Job's life and his push for making better products and better technology; we can halt "trash talk" of Android, iOS, Mac, iPhone, Google, iPad, Microsoft and all the other battles along nearly religious arguments that we see so much of these days. Just a thought... Let's all just love our technology the way Steve Job's loved technology.

New Features for KW 4.0

I've added some new features to KellysWorld 4.0; along with settling on a new theme for the time being. The changes I believe both put the fun in "functionality." The first new feature is the Video of the Week. The first video is a commercial you just have to see to believe, babys getting their groove on while roller skatting. It's creepy, but fun. Another new feature is a social bookmarking one that you will find at the bottom of ever post, including this one. I've included some of my favorites. Basically, it allows you to take a post and repost it through your favorite social site like FaceBook or Twitter. I've includd e-mail as well. Want to subscribe to my blog feed, that's the individual posts; all you have to do is enter your e-mail address into the box on the right under my welcome message. The feed is provided by FeedBurner, now powered by Google!

Another feature is a direct view into my Twitter feed. Twitter, if you don't know, is a social micro-blogging website. Posts have to be less than 140 characters. It started off as a tool used by only the geekiest of folks (like myself) and is now used by the President of the United States (also a geek), celebrities and even one of our local weather guys. Some days I "twitter" a lot other days none at all. Individual posts are called "tweets."

One of my favorite features is my mobile access. If you use an iPhone, Blackberry or any other web enabled mobile phone then accessing my site is easy and automatic. The iPhone version is really stellar. To see the standard mobile version, scroll down to the bottom of the page and chose "Mobile Version." Don't worry, you can convert back. For the iPhone version, well, you will need to get your hands on an iPhone, iPod Touch or even an Android mobile phone. Them the breaks!

Finally you will find what's called a Tag Cloud at the bottom of the page. Most posts on this site and most others use categories and tags to help categorize their hundred or even thousands of posts. By clicking on any category or tag, you are automatically taken to a page with posts that only match that category or tag. I had this on KellysWorld 3.0, but the tags didn't all make the transition. I'm not done re-tagging, but I've done over 50% of the posts so far.

Enjoy the new features and please, feel free to leave me comments. You will have to register with the site to leave comments (that too is a new feature) but it's easy to register.

Flickr Vs. Picasa

I'm testing out two different photo sharing services. I've used both and recently started using Flickr again; but thought I would take a look at Picasa Web again and have been pleasently suprised. The sites do the exact same thing, but no surprise Google has done a great job with Picasa;

although as with all Google sites it does lack a certain "splash" quality; but the same is true of Flickr.

I have the same sets of photos on both sites. Take a look at the public galleries of Carlos jr and tell me what you think. You can e-mail me at my primary address.

Picasa - Carlos Jr. Flickr - Carlos Jr.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and if you would suggest some other service. One of the main reasons for looking at either one of these sites is that there are plugins for Aperture 1.5 that allow me to post directly to their sites without the use of a secondary program or doing web-uploads.