Friday Night Lights - Wylie

As I write this I'm at Wylie High for the Wylie Pirates vs Plano Wild Cats varsity football game. It's Friday Night Lights and Wylie Homecoming to boot. The stadium is nearly sold out and I'm told by one of the principles that the pre-sales for this game are the BEST EVER! Yes, Texas loves football and Wylie isn't any different. There's plenty of great action on the field, even if Wylie is behind by nearly 20 points; but there's plenty of action in the stadium as well.

While I've been watching the Wylie Pirates give it their all, I've been watching the youth of Wylie in the stadium. Um, it goes down hill from here.

To say the kids are less than well behaved would be quite the understatement. They aren't being bad, but they aren't being good either. You see I'm standing next to someones "genius" idea of having a "Students Only" section. It's mainly for non-highschool students. They are young and act it. No parents watching them, just two cops and a few assistant princaples whom I have nothing but new found respect for tonight.

You have the kids running around like a bat out of hell. You have the young girls dressed like they are going out for a night on the town sporting their mid-drift revealing shirts and low rider jeans. You have the young teenage boys trying to show how cool they can be and failing miserably. Finally you have lots of kids paying no attention to anyone least of all the adults in charge.

I'm not a big fan of football or football players, but the football players are far more well behaved than many of these kids that parents just dropped off for cheap babysitting.

I'm a parent, and it makes me wonder -what did my kids do at football games when i wasn't there? Wait, I don't want to know.