The Coffee Maker Is Dead


On Friday morning Tracy and I began our day in the usual way, great reluctance to actually get out of bed. Typically Tracy is the first one up during the week. She gets up, lets out the dogs and makes her first cup of "joe." On Friday though, she slowly retuned to our room with head hung low and tears nearly in her eyes speaking softly, "it's dead." I didn't understand what she was trying to tell me. "I think the coffee maker is broken," she said to me with sullen eyes. I then understood the situation, and if you know Tracy well at all you know how serious a situation this could be for her. Coffee is Tracy's life force in the morning; without it, she moves more slowly.

I immediately went into the kitchen and entered, "Husband Fix-It" mode, where I immediately repeat every step I'm sure my wife has taken,


but I'm taking again just to say I did. I'm lifting the levers, pressing buttons, unplugging it and even turning it nearly upside down. Why? Well, because that's what a husband does in a critical situation like the one I found myself. I quickly came to the same conclusion Tracy came to, during the night our coffee maker passed. The heating lamp comes on, but nobody is home. Our fancy-smancy coffee maker, a wedding gift from friends had moved on to a better place; leaving me with a wife that wanted coffee and none was to be had.

Now, I have to stop here to explain that this was no ordinary coffee maker. It was Keurig pod coffee maker. Basically a cup-at-a-time coffee maker that has all kinds of pods available for it from various different vendors. It's actually a joy to use and makes a pretty darn good cup of coffee; when it works. We loved it so much, we gave a few away as gifts. Now though, we were faced with a decision. Try and fix the one we have, or replace it with new one. It wasn't a decision we could make then and we both decided to think on it.

That night I messed with the coffee maker some more, but alas, no luck. Not much on the net either on how I might be able to fix it. On the bottom it had those classic words, "No User Serviceable Parts, Contact a Repair Center." Translation --- When it Breaks, Buy a New One.

Saturday morning came and Tracy wanted her coffee. Unfortunately we had no milk, so our Espresso machine was of no use. It cost a small fortune, but requires a great deal more effort to make a cup of coffee and for lattes it needs milk. This left me, the man of the house, with only one option. STARBUCKS! 10 bucks later I was thinking that replacing our dead coffee maker with a new one, would make financial sense.


By that afternoon I was doing my research deciding if we got the same one, or one of the newer models. We had the entry level model that made only one size of coffee. Tracy wanted the ability to make a bigger cup of coffee, so the B60 was the one for us. The B40, the dead coffee maker, had fit the bill for nearly two years; but we were moving on up and the B60 was for us.

I was going to order on Amazon, my favorite shopping site; but at the last minute realized I could order from Best Buy for less and even pick-up the same day. Instant gratification for a device aimed at instant coffee gratification. I loved it and I saved a few bucks; or so i thought.

This morning I was on Amazon and noticed the coffee maker appeared on my recent searches so I clicked on it. Low and behold the price had dropped by $20! All I could think of right then was, "I sure could use a cup of coffee.

The Keurig B60
Fantastic Coffee Maker