AudioBoo: Missing My Wife

I do so miss my wife. She is traveling this week, but gets home tomorrow. In the meantime it's lonely here at the Spore casa. I may have been a confirmed bachelor for many years, but over the past 6 years I have become accustomed to having the woman I love around me when I go to bed and when I wake up.

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AudioBoo: TechFan Plug

I had a great time recording this podcast. Here are some of my thoughts on the podcast episode as we await it's release into the wild later this weekend.

Seller's Conundrum

Thoughts on the conumdrum that faces a buyer of a new home as they sell their existing. How do you deal with the conflicting feelings. When you look at a house, you think some good and bad. When you think of your own home being sold, you can't see why anyone wouldn't like it.