Andy Ihnatko: WWDC 2012 Keynote Wrap-Up

Over on the Chicago Sun Times prolific tech columnist and podcaster Andy Ihnatko has written some 2000+ words to cover yesterday's WWDC 2012 Keynote. As always he does a great job of touching on all the important details as well as throwing in the occasional informed commentary. Over the coming weeks and months I would expect to see a fair amount of additional commentary on and reviews of all the products announced today. Typically I think he is spot on with his assessments of Apple and technology in general. This article is no different.

You will find his article over on the Chicago Sun Times website, or you can just click on the link below. I'm sure he will be writting simillar articles on the upcoming Google developers conference and Microsoft has one near year's end that will complete the picture of what the big three have planned for 2013.

Check out his article: IHNATKO: Apple Updates MacBooks, iPhone Software, more