Video of the Week: Funny Words

I think I've got a pretty good video of the week for you. With nearly 250,000 views on YouTube since April 21st (4 days) it's currently one of the hottest videos on YouTube; and for good reason. I've not seen her videos (spricket24) before, but I will have to check some of them out. Basically in this one she runs through lots of "funny" words. Not funny because of what they mean, but funny in how they sound. At one point, one of the words cracks her up as she is trying to say it.

Apparently this bit of comedy sprang from saying "gobsmacked" to someone and having that person laugh at her for using the word. Gobsmacked, if you didn't know, means utterly astonished; no I didn't know that until I looked it up!

Texas Stadium - Gone With the Wind

This weekend an era came to an end in Irving, Texas. The Texas Stadium (35 Mil to build), home of the Dallas Cowboys from 1971 until 2008 was brought down in spectacular fashion. I've driven by the stadium countless times on my way to Irving. It's actually hard to imagine what it will be like driving down Loop 12 into Irving and not seeing the stadium.  I was only in the stadium once and that was for a big country concert. That was actually my first time ever in a professional football stadium (Skelly Stadium didn't count - Professional Soccer). For some interesting facts and the story on Texas Stadium check the Texas Stadium's wikipedia page, lots of really cool information on the former stadium.

Below check out this YouTube video of the implosion. Be sure to play this video right, click on play and then choose to go to Full Screen (assuming your hardware can handle it). You can choose up to 1080p HD. Now, it may bring a tear to your eye as Texas Stadium truly is gone with the wind.

Titus Has a Little Fun

I edited this video together yesterday from video I took while Brion, Rachel and Titus were here. The video quality isn't great, but then it was taken on an iPhone. We had a great time while my brother and his family were here. We didn't get to spend a great deal of time with them, busy lives and all; but we did get some quality time together. Titus was a joy and reminds me so much of Brion; looks like him too. I have a photo of Brion at that age and it's amazing how much they look alike.

Brion, hope your trip home was safe. Enjoy the video, and should YOU "upgrade" to an iPhone, be sure to send me lots of videos. We can add them to the family collection on KWTV.

I'm also making this my Video of the Week!

Video of the Week: 9/7 - Party In the USA

Okay, I know I'm going to take some heat for this Video of the Week. For a couple of weeks I've been hearing "Party in the USA" either on the radio or Kristie playing it on her iPod. It was catchy; but I didn't know who was singing (not unusual for me). I figured it was one of the many new artists hitting the scene. The proverbial "One Hit Wonder." Then I was cruising the old web and tripped over one the videos on YouTube. Low and behold I discovered it was Miley Cyrus, better known as Hanna Montana.

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