End the Age of Traditional TV Networks - Free The Content

In an age when we can easily broadcast video just about anywhere in the world for not much more money than sending the signal down the street it's time that the current exclusive deals with the networks of the 200+ nations of the earth needs to come to an end. 

I'm not saying for free, everyone gets to make money. There are multiple ways to make money while eyeballs watch content. There is the iTunes method of selling seasons or episodes. There is the netflix method of selling a service which includes a vast library of included content. There is the Hulu method of selling access on TVs to a then ad supported content stream (much like cable TV) and then there is the network website of ad supported content freely available. It's time the internet becomes the defacto delivery method to the home in contracts with content companies with the proviso that networks still can own exclusive rights to traditional methods outside of internet delivery. Heck, they could even show it on their own network websites. 

It won't be easy. There are no true world wide entertainment networks. There is no world wide cable company. There are many existing contracts. 

To make it happen would be a game of chicken. A popular show, content maker or premium network would have to say ENOUGH and then gamble big. A company like HBO is best positioned to do this first but risks alienating cable providers and studios, and at the moment I'm betting their contracts won't allow it. 

Until then entertainment will slowly traverse the globe while citizens can with relative ease move about the globe. 

Earthquake In Oklahoma

All I can say is wow!!! A 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma. The epicenter was in Sparks, Oklahoma; but it was felt all over the state including Tulsa. From what the news is saying the effects were felt all the way into Missouri and Texas. Earthquakes are not new to Oklahoma or the Midwest but earthquakes of this magnitude are rare. So rare in fact that this earthquake set a record for BIGGEST in Oklahoma's recorded history.

This wasn't even the 1st big one this weekend, just the biggest. Probably not the last for a few days too. I first saw the news of the quakes yesterday morning and then this morning was greeted by many Facebook posts from friends in Tulsa and Broken Arrow.

Doesn't appear any lives were lost, but there were a few reported injuries. The news showed some home damage in Broken Arrow. Bricks that fell off homes and driveways with huge cracks. News also reported that some highways buckled from the earthquake. They'll probably be finding damage for weeks.

As far as I can tell everyone I know is safe with little to no damage. Most importantly my dad and his wife are okay.

Here's hoping that no one was killed or permanently injured and that any further quakes are the more typical micro quakes that Oklahoma has endured for generations.


Amazing Deaf Woman Who Now Hears Meets Ellen Degeneres

Sarah Churman (she has her own blog) should be an inspiration to us all. Deaf her entire 29 years she recently had a procedure done in one of ears that allowed her to hear for the very first time. I saw the video she posted to YouTube a few weeks ago and was deeply moved. I don't know her and will probably never meet her; but seeing her hear for the very first time was just spectacular. The miracle of modern medicine really is just that, a miracle. I'm not the only one that has been moved, her video has already seen over 8 million views; and her original posting has already been copied to other YouTube accounts where hundreds of thousands of views have been logged. She has become an internet sensation. 

Ellen Dengeres obviously thought so and invited Ms. Churman to appear on her show not too long ago. Through the interview you learn a few things about Ms. Churman and her family. You learn that the procedure cost $30,000 per ear and isn't covered by insurance. Ms. Churman and her husband couldn't afford such an expensive surgery, much less two of them, so her mother-in-law cashed in a small retirement savings so that they could borrow the money for the 1st surgery.

Ellen apparently learned this in advance of the interview and through a little magic of her own worked with Envoy Medical, provider of this new ocular implant, to provide the next implant free. Ellen and Envoy didn't stop there, they presented Ms. Churman and her family with a check for $30,000 to pay back Ms. Churman's mother-in-law.

Both videos are below. If one doesn't bring a little tear to your eye, then you need to go see a doctor yourself.

Meeting with Ellen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Her original video, with over 8 million views so far...


CNN Tribute to Steve Jobs

Today Steve Jobs was buried. While the light of his life has been extinguished, the light of his spirit will live on for decades to come. He will be spoken of in much the same way as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. He was one of the truly great innovators of not just our time, but all time. Not only that he was one of the great showman too. P.T. Barnum would be proud of how Steve Jobs could captivate an audience; spinning his "reality distortion field" as he showed off "one more thing." He has died, but he has not left us. The video below was put together by CNN. It's a wonderful walk down the public life of Steve Jobs. Many great moments that iPod, iPhone and iPad owners might just remember with great fondness.


Wylie - Dead Boy's Family Still Not Found

The sad story of the young child that was found dead in Wylie last week continues. Even with volunteers scouring the city in a hope of finding someone that knew or recognized the child, no one has been found. At six year old special needs child shouldn't be this much of a mystery, but apparently he is just that - a mystery. The 40 member team remains optimistic that they will determine this child's story and find those that knew him. Below is another video segment from this weekend that I found on WFAA's website.

(Direct Link to Story - Flash)

Child's Body Found in Wylie

A body of a 3 year old boy was found in a park here in Wylie, Texas. The boy was found at East Fork Park (part of Lake Lavon), only a few minutes from our house. The Wylie police are not releasing much information, but the boy is having an autopsy done. Not much information, but very sad and too close to home. Video from the local ABC affiliate WFFA is below, with a link to the story here.