Website Facelift

My website has had several iterations of the years. It started as a simple way to keep my family informed of the house I was building at the time, that was nearly 20 years ago. Now my site is more of a landing page, a place on the web outside of normal social media. It's sat dormant for several years. I want to change that a little.

I love to take photos, so I think I will use my website to show off some off galleries of my photos. Nothing fancy. I don't expect anything to come of it. I just enjoy taking photos and sharing them. To be honest I'm sure my photos will get more views on FaceBook or Instagram, but for those that like what they say they can more easily view my photos on my own website. 

It's an experiment. In the end I'm not getting rid of my website and if I'm not getting rid of it, I might as well use it for something. Still be mainly a landing page. Realestate on the internet, but now maybe it will be a little prettier.