The Bags Are Packed!

The bags are packed and we are ready to go. Both Tracy and I are very excited about this trip. Tracy is looking forward to her first major event as president of the Dallas ALA chapter and I'm looking forward to my first trip to Hawaii. It's going to be a lot of fun I'm sure.

I've already made reservations to see the Arizona memorial on Monday along with the Missouri and all the other exhibits in Pearl Harbor. I also plan to see the Dole plantation as well as all the gorgeous sites Honolulu has to offer. I even picked up some contacts so I can go snorkeling unencumbered by my bad eye site. Glasses and snorkeling don't mix too well.

Both Tracy and I have loaded our iPads with entertainment of all sorts. I'm also taking along an old iPod so Incan take all my music and save a little battery life on my iPhone and iPad. I have it, might as well use it! The flight is long, over 8 hours. Tomorrow will be a very long day. Even so, due to the time difference, we will arrive just 3 hours or so after we leave. So the long day, will be even longer. I love flying though, so I'm sure I will enjoy the adventure.

Tomorrow I'm sure a flood of photos will hit my site allowing friends and Family to virtually join us on the adventure. Wish my daughter could come with us, but school is still in session and there is nothing more important than my daughter's education. Never-the-less I will miss her dearly. Will she miss me??

Time to get ready for bed. Today was a long last day at work, and tomorrow is a long first day of vacation.