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While I understand what +Carmelyne Thompson is saying, I'm not sure I fully agree. Will my post be seen if I post it "public?" Yes. Will it be seen by anyone I care to see it if I post it "public" or just to my "circles." I don't think so unless they are specifically looking for what I posted. My biggest issue at the moment with Google+ is discoverability of the items I want to see. The filtering is just painfully manual. While I can't say as I love Facebook, I am seeing at the top of my feed those folks I'm most interested in seeing when they post something. Maybe my problem with Google+ is that my friends, family and co-workers just aren't using Google+. They do lots of social networking, just not on Google. Is that Google's problem or my problem, I really don't know. Carmelyne Thompson originally shared this post:

I can't pass up the opportunity to correct this diagram.

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