Blast From the Past - Karaoke Kelly

Kelly Attempting KaraokeIn a time before I married, before I had kids and grand kids, I was a less than happening single guy. That being said I wasn't a complete dullard and did know how to have a little fun, with the help of friends. Two of those friends were neighbors. Jim, Jennifer and their two kids lived across the street. We were the perfect neighbor friends. We kept an eye on each other's houses, watched each other's pets and invited each other to celebrations. One such occasion was Jim's birthday in 2004.

They had the gang over for fun, food, booze and karaoke! I really didn't want to join in the singing, but after much pressure and so many failed attempts at carrying a tune I decided that I couldn't possibly be any worse than the rest. To sweeten the deal they said it could be a duet.

I sang with one of Jim's friends. Don't recall his name. I also don't recall what we sang. I do remember we did two numbers together and had a blast. He could carry a tune better than I, which is to say the pets it the household weren't running for cover.

Once we were done, I put the weapon down (the mike) and let others attempt to do a better job. I much preferred providing tech support to the Karaoke machine than to using it; but it was all in good fun.

2004 seems like such a long time ago. Little did I know that just a few months after this picture was taken I would meet and eventually marry my wife. Beginning a new life and a new duet, a proper duet with someone who can actually carry a tune that doesn't scare the pets of the house.