Anniversary Dinner - Mmm

Last night Tracy and I decided to celebrate our anniversary a little early. It was just the two of us as our daughter was spending the night at grandma's house. The perfect time to enjoy a romantic dinner for two; but where to go? We didn't want to go to any of our usual haunts as they are all casual dining. The two of us were thinking steak. As unchallenging as that might sound in Texas, this side of the Dallas metroplex isn't teaming with chop houses of any great quality. Outback Steak House is nice, but not exactly "fine dining."

We decided on Silver Fox. We've been there once before a few years ago and really enjoyed it so we decided to try them again. Turned out to be a seriously great idea! The food was great and the service excellent. As a classy touch each staff member we interacted with offered us congratulations on 5 years of marriage.

We started off with drinks, Tracy a cocktail and for me a fine California chardonnay. For an appetizer we had calamari. Not stringy, over cooked and over breaded calamari; but thick, perfectly cooked and breaded calamari.

For our main course we both opted for steak, what else would we have? Tracy ordered a 6oz filet with a blue cheese finish (blue cheese, caramelized onions and garlic) that I had the option of getting and didn't. I so regretted that decision the moment Tracy offered me a small taste. I opted for one of the specials, a 12oz dry-aged New York strip. That steak nearly melted in my mouth. Juicy on the inside and fantastically seared on the outside. As a side we ordered some Maker's Mark® Mushrooms. Those too were heavenly.

How do you end such a glorious meal, with desert! Yes, I didn't finish my dinner so that I could partake in a devilishly delicious creme brûlée. Unfortunately they don't serve cappuccino, just standard coffee (the only blackeye of the night). Tracy was able to order a fresh fruit bowl of the same berries that covered my creme brûlée.

It was, to put it simply, a glorious meal! Both Tracy and I had a great time and a lovely anniversary dinner. Five years this week!

Tracy I love you very much. It's been a wonderful 5 years, the best 5 years of my life!!