10 Year Old Girl's Apple Dream Comes True

We all have dreams. As children they start small, typically only costing imagination. As we get older those dreams come with a higher price of sacrifice, compromise and often money. The rewards of seeing our dream, no matter how simple or silly, come true makes that which we give up seem less painful. A 10-year-old girl in Utah taught a store full of Apple Store employees that lesson and in particular the store manager. So much so that the manager broke the rules just for her. In turn they both taught all of us a lesson or two.

According to the Girl's dad, his story linked below, she had saved her nickles and dimes for nine months so that she could buy her very own iPod Touch. No small feat for a 10-year-old.

She and her mother made a visit to the Apple Store in their home town in Utah, jar of money in hand, only to discover from two very polite Apple employees that the store would reopen until 2. The little girl who had waited nine months would have to wait a little while longer.

Rejected but not daunted the two decide to do some more shopping. As they passed a few stores an Apple Store employee chased them down to tell them that the store manager had decided to make an exception and open the store just for them.

In the store the girl made her choice while every employee watched. She paid for her new iPod with her jar of money, most likely grinning from ear to ear. When done the manager requested that all the employees give her a round of applause for saving her money to buy an iPod. From the way her dad tells it, mom may have gotten a little teary eyed.

That's customer service, but more importantly a great life lesson. A 10-year-old girl teaches us all the value of saving our nickels and dimes and making our dreams come true. The store manager teaches us to not only recognize such sacrifice but reward it.

I just had to share this story, but I will admit the loving admiration of a father tells the story so much better.

Consumerist Article: Apple Makes Exception and Makes 10 Year Old Girls Dreams Come True