Allergies In Full Swing

For the first time in my life I'm suffering an allergy attack at the end of summer. I've suffered many in the spring and more than a few in early summer; but the end of summer is a new one. Actually I haven't had an allergy attack in two years. So color me surprised when I was hit hard with one today.I'm guessing the pollen count was silly high today. It was windy which never helps. I've been home for a few hours and I still feel like crap. My jaw actually aches from sneezing. Not that most would care, but if you suffer allergy attacks then you know what I mean and how uncomfortable they make you. With any luck tomorrow won't be as bad, but I'm afraid my luck ran out today. Two yeas allergy free sure was nice. I guess the happiness is over. Time to start accepting and deal with sniffling. UPDATE: Turns out it may not be allergies. I'm thinking flu or a really bad cold. That's the worst combo of good news / bad news I've had in a long time.