Upgraded My PS3

Today I finally upgraded my Sony PS 3. I've been meaning to do it for months, but just hadn't. Sony's free welcome back ends this weekend and I didn't have enough room to install any new downloaded games. My PS 3 only had a 40 gig drive. Way too small! Earlier this year I upgraded my notebook to a 1 Tara byte drive from my previous upgrade of 500 gb drive. That left me with a very fast notebook drive with no home. Since the PS 3 uses the same type of drive it was an easy decision. Just had to make the time.

The process was easy. I backed up my existing drive in about an hour, popped out that drive and replaced with my old notebook drive. A quick format and it was ready for a restore. That took another hour and I was done.

Now I have a 7200 rpm 500gb hard drive in my PS 3. They should last me a nice long time. I've even downloaded my two free games. Not a bad upgrade FOR FREE!

Time to play a little WipeOut HD or Infamous; or maybe just Black Ops.