Twit Brick House Studios - Live Today

I've followed TWiT (This Week In Tech) network for years. I was a huge fan of the Screensavers on TechTV. Since then many of the former TechTV alum have gone on to start their own business or join businesses started by other TechTV alum. TWiT is probably the best known of these new media companies and was started by Leo Laporte, star of radio and TV. Several years ago he moved into the TWiT Cottage to better handle his growing business of video podcasts, or "netcasts" as he prefers to call them. Last year Leo and his team of "netcasters" and producers made the huge decision to take netcasting up a notch and move into a much bigger studio. Months of design and hard work later, TWiT Brick House Studios is about to go live.

Below is a video from Saturday filmed by Leo Laport as his team moves into the new studio. You can catch the first show from the new studio live at The first show to be taped will be their flagship show - This Week in Tech.

This video was filmed using Socialcam, I think I need to check it out!