Computer Network Called "Internet" - 1993 News Story

Internet 1993I saw this on YouTube earlier this week and was blown away by the news story. No, it's nothing really earth shattering; but seeing a news broadcast about the "internet" from 1993 is just fascinating. Back then few actually knew about it and far fewer actually used the fledgling network. I was one of those that used it daily, and for many of the reasons stated in this news story. I remember talking with people in Europe, Asia and Australia. I even used the internet to borrow a book from a university library in Australia.

I remember leaving for Korea in 1994 with few knowing of the internet, and returning in 1998 with the internet being a regular topic of discussion across all types of people. Windows 95 had a lot to do with the explosion because of everyone having Internet Explorer on their computers.

The years have changed the look and the feel of the internet, but much of what the reporter says about the internet remains true today. Enjoy this great video compliments of