The iPad Trance

iPad TranceI took this photo a few weeks ago and just love it. The photo effect gives it impact, but the subject is what gives it heart. In the photo are my daughter and her two nephews, my grandsons. They are just playing a game on the iPad, but it has their full attention. Look at those faces! Getting the full attention of my daughter isn't that hard, but getting the full attention of my grand kids for more than a few minutes is amazing. Every time they come over my oldest grandson asks me "grandpa, can I play birds?" He loves to play Angry Birds, but also just looks around to see what other games I have on my iPad and attempts to play them as well. Originally I just showed him how to hold it and gave him a quick demo of getting to an app, that's it. He figured the rest out on his own. He was four years old the first time.

When the grandkids are playing with the iPad, it really does put them in a trance. Not in a bad way either, they concentrate. It's not like watching TV, in my opinion, it's far more interactive; especially for them. It's not something I would give them to play with for long periods of time, eventually they do bore, but for a while I will hand over my precision iPad for the greater good; and a little quiet.