It's Friday - Excellent

TGIFIt feels like a week twice as long as normal, but it was in actuality a day shorter. It didn't help my number one was on vacation at work and I had a major nut to crack with regards to training. Friday is here now, so I'm happy.

Doubly so because tonight I'm taking my lovely wife out to dinner; just the two of us. Going to our favorite Austrian Cafe, Jorges. It's wonderfully relaxing and fantastically quaint. I was hoping to take my brother there in August, but alas it appears he and is family can't come. He's been accepted into grad school. Damn proud of my little brother.

Tomorrow I should be seeing a old family friend that I've not seen since I graduated from college. Actually it may have been high school. He was always a rock when I was a boy. I met him in Civil Air Patrol. Yes, I wore a silly blue uniform for a spell. It's always nice to see old friends. So many have drifted into the mist of time.

For fun, I think I'm going to try and catch Transformer 3 this weekend. Both of my daughters, my usual movie buddies, went and saw it with friends. Can you believe it, they both ditched me for friends!! Transformers isn't going to be Oscar winning material, but a summer movie should be more like an amusement park ride and less like a night at the theater. Don't get me wrong, The King's Speech is one of my all time favorites and The Lord Of The Rings managed to cover both bases; but a two hour explosive ride is my idea of a good summer movie.

This weekend I might even see if I can finish Infamous. I'm actually enjoying that game. Next time I play though, I'm going EVIL. If you haven't tried it out, you should. I believe Infamous 2 is already out, maybe a Christmas present.

I can tell you the one thing I'm not doing - working outside! It's silly hot out here in Texas and just looking outside makes me sweat! I'm sure that Tracy will come up with some tasks too, the infamous "honey dos." It's my weekend for laundry I think. There is also an article I need to finish for The Moxie Mo Show Blog.

Well, it's time to start the weekend. Too bad it's only two days this week. Sure would love another four day work week, even a long one like this week.