I Love Stats

KellysWorld Stats ChartI've had a website now for almost a decade. I started back in 2002 so my family could share the building of my first house. I continued through my first downsizing (may their never be a second) and of course all the way through my wedding and beyond till today. I even created a seperate site for my wedding, eternalmagic.com. I love writing and just playing with kellysworld; continually striving to make the site look as polished as possible.

The one nagging question, "is anyone reading?" Thanks to services like Facebook and Twitter the answer is "YES!" Not a lot of people mind you, but more than just me and dear old mom. Mom, you are reading aren't you? The attached graph shows views are up. Nothing major of course, but it's cool to see it going up a little and being steady.

I think, in the end, I enjoy tweaking my website as much as I enjoy writing. That could be my downfall. For me though it's just about relaxing and having fun.