Tweets for 2010-04-19

  • NYTimes:Gates Says U.S. Lacks Policy to Curb Iran’s Nuclear Drive -if a document is secret, why is NYTimes reporting? #
  • NYTimes: Debunking the Myths of the Telecommute - Don't know if I would be a good telecommuter or not. #
  • NYTimes: A Pulitzer Winner Gets Apple’s Reconsideration - Poor Apple, is any publicity really good publicity? #
  • No Jewlery counter in Target. I had noticed they removed them. Argh, just need my watch battery replaced. #
  • Watching Invasion: Earth, a 1998 BBC Sci-Fi mini-series. So far it's pretty good. Streaming on NetFlix. #
  • I love YouTube. I was thinking of the last episode of Blakes 7. So I did a quick search and, BOOM. A flood memories my childhood with PBS. #

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