Tweets for 2010-04-18

  • And another weekend begins! Goodnews Dr Who starts up again tonight. Bad news, I have to wait to watch. My Who partner has plans tonight. #
  • You have to check out this video. Basically, using TVs to give the impression of looking out windows. #
  • Having lunch at Mooyah. Hey, I didn't name the place! The girls say the burgers are great. We shall see! #
  • Very cool antique truck. #
  • @jeffmccord I liked District 9, but it is more like Science fiction of old than action adventure science fiction of today. in reply to jeffmccord #
  • @Pastor_Brion very cool little Titus. Soon you will be able to take down your dad, but never your uncle Kelly. in reply to Pastor_Brion #
  • At the theater to see Kick Ass. Reviews are good and it's what the girls wanted dad to take them too. #
  • BBC running the last season of Dr Who today, but I'm a family man. Spending time with the kids. Besides, I do have a DVR. ☺ #
  • Just saw the trailer for The A Team. Looks good!! #
  • Take your kids to #kickass only if you want to have every dreded parent child talk in one sitting. Yes it's a good movie. R for a reason. #
  • Checking out NetFlix for the very first time. Not sure if it is worth it or not, but streaming is tempting. #

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