Tweets for 2010-04-13

  • @nealcampbell Wow.... truly that bad!? So what you are saying, is they aren't really helping New Media, just glorifying their own silliness? in reply to nealcampbell #
  • This is hard to believe! RT @ChrisPirillo: Opera Mini for the iPhone has Been Approved - #
  • If you are a #screencastsonline member, check out Don's Member's only video. He did his first live video show! It was on of course, iPad. #
  • @nealcampbell Yeah, I'm 22 hours late in reading your response. I agree with you. Kudos to Cali, Leo and a favorite of mine, Don McAllister. in reply to nealcampbell #
  • Okay, I've been a little posting monster tonight... I've put more on my website in one night than most of this year. How sad is that? #
  • @Pastor_Brion Wow! That's a big word for you "rhetorical," I'm impressed. You even spelled it correctly. YES RHETORICAL!! GRRRRR! in reply to Pastor_Brion #
  • Brothers... who needs them! Right, @Pastor_Brion. Hey, I remember the sprite. Don't think I've forgotten! I've got a mind like an elephant. #
  • @Pastor_Brion wait OLD MAN!!!!!! I'm not even 30 yet! in reply to Pastor_Brion #
  • I've installed #operamini on my iPhone. Now to take it for a test drive. #

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