Kelly's Tweets for 2009-12-13

  • Can't sleep, back hurts. Catching up on 2 months of #GeekBrief and other podcasts. #
  • RT @ebertchicago Atavar: 91% Tomatoes; 89% Metacritic; MRI industry reviews 95.5%; IMDb no vote yet; MRQE no verdict. #
  • How lazy am I? Well, it sounds like it's raining. Do I look out the window? No, I check my iPhone. Good Grief! Uh, radar shows it may be. #
  • "Okay this is a test to see how well dragon dictation for the iPhone really works." -- That was a voice dictation. Damn Cool! #
  • Daddy's day out with Daughter. First stop, shoe shopping. Thanks mom for putting that idea in her head. #
  • Going to see Ninja Assassins. It was that or Old Dogs. I've heard Ninja is a decent action flick. Besides, it's what daughter wants to do. #

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