Photos - Update to Site

I'm working on "upgrading" how I handle photos on the site. Taking a bit of a queue from how I decided to handle video, I'm going to use Flickr. While YouTube is pretty much the king of video on the net right now, Flickr has been the king of photos since it's creation several years ago. While it's feature set hasn't changed a great deal, it's still the big boy on the street and does what I want it to do. I've had a Flickr account for ages but stop using it when Apple upgraded to MobileMe. While I like how they handle photos, one glaring omission is the inability to embed photos in other places; like my website. Flickr does allow me to do this, and while Flickr has other limitations, it's still pretty slick.

If you look under the Galleries menu you will now see one that says Flickr. From there you can either click and go to my primary Flickr page or you can go down through the menus to categories.

Be advised that I haven't uploaded too many photos in the past year to Flickr so I have some uploading to do to get the site more current.

I did upload some old family photos this weekend, so there is some fresh content available. You can also see how I can embed a slideshow into the website. Like I said, slick.

I will probably also keep some photos on FaceBook. Many of the people I know use FaceBook and I have to admit, it's pretty handy. Especially if you have a modern smart phone.