Kelly's Tweets for 2009-09-19

  • @donmcallister my kids have NONE. they use facebook but don't get Tweeting. Maybe we need to rename the service. #
  • @pastor_brion YEAH!!!!! #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video -- Titus & the Couch #
  • Had a great dinner at Ballard Street Cafe with my family and my brother's family. Good to have him in town for a week. #
  • My sister-in-law just read my tweet of the last minute. That's the first time she's read a tweet I've sent while in the same room. #
  • She should be reading that last one right about now.... #
  • She thinks i'm out of control.... i'm not! Really, I'm not... I can't stop tweeting. I really can..... .... maybe not.... #
  • @pastor_Brion having a good time? #

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