Kelly's Tweets for 2009-09-09

  • @donmcallister Internet is like water or electricity. I've said for years it should be treated as a utility. Data makes the world turn. in reply to donmcallister #
  • @Pogue "Track the Pogue." Link to the GPS chip in your iPhone. That way we can always find you!!! Not all stalkers are crazy... Are they? in reply to Pogue #
  • Another day quickly comes to an end. Not a bad day, but going back to work at 8:00 am wasn't easy either. I survived. Now to do it again. #
  • We do have the Apple Event to look forward to. I say iTunes 8.5. iPhone OS 3.1. New iPod Touch. Updated iPods, not new. Beatles... Nope. #
  • iTunes 8.5 - iPhone App management? HD Movie Rental on computer? New playlist social media feature? Subscription service??? #
  • - omg.. The entrance to best buy says "if you need us, tweet us!!" so funny!!!! (via @ijustine) in reply to ijustine #
  • Slowdown leads to haggling on prices (via @wfaachannel8) #
  • @donmcallister amen on the new iTunes Tomorrow and app manager, but I think 8.5. Why jump to v9? in reply to donmcallister #

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