Snow Leopard Intro Movie

Okay, so you either don't own a Mac or haven't yet upgraded to Leopard or Snow Leopard. If not, then you are missing out on what all Mac owners see when they boot their computer for the first time (or after subsequent OS installs). I don't think the video changed much from Leopard to Snow Leopard which considering Snow Leopard was a major maintenance update, isn't surprising. I'm sure 10.7 or maybe 10.6.5 will come with a new movie to thrill Mac users round the world.I've installed Windows many times, and never am I greated with a cool stereo video saying Hi to me in such a cool way. Yes, it's not necessary and you never see it again (until you buy a new Mac or re-install the OS) but come on; it is really cool.

[youtube yqn_wqzruvw&hl=en&fs]