MacBook Pro 15" 2009 Review

No, I didn't get a new MacBook Pro; mine is still quite good thank you. I did though run across this review on YouTube. It's for the latest and greatest MacBook Pro 15" that was released a few months ago. If you are curiuos, the main difference between the mid-2009 and late 2008 MacBrook Pros, the mid-2009 is: a little faster, has a slightly better screen, no removable battery, 7 hrs of batter life, slightly bigger harddrive, SD card slot. Cool features, but no reason to upgrade from a 2008 to a 2009. When my wife reads this, she won't believe me. I have to admit that this guy loves Mac already; but that being said, it's a good review of the MacBook Pro and good quality video. The review was done by Chris Frilla.

[youtube jAnjqy80t0A&hl]