Tron Legacy - Teaser

Tron LegacyI don't know about you, but I first saw Tron when I was a child. The year was 1982 and my dad took me to see it. We were both mesmerized by the movie. Not for the great plot or incredible writting, it was a "B" movie in that regard, but for the world that was created and the use of computer graphics. The movie had a $17m budget and domestically grossed about $33m. It was one of the first films ever to use computer graphics (remember this movie was made several years after Star Wars). The look was strange, and by today's standards incredibly simple; but in 1982 it was something wild to behold. There have been rumors of a sequel for years, but filming began this year on Tron Legacy, with an anticipated release of 2011.

Last year at the 2008 ComicCon Disney showed some fully rendered test film; which they re-showed this year at the 2009 ComicCon. Rumors are that footage from the film will be shown at some point. No trailer has officially been released.

Below you will find the ComicCon teaser as well as the original trailer to Tron. Just for comparison sake, the difference is amazing. 25 years is a long time and technology has come a long way. The movie is to be released in IMAX and Disney Digital 3D. One should easily expect that with Tron breaking new ground in computer graphics in 1982 that Disney will look to do the same thing again in 2011. At least one would think.

[youtube a1IpPpB3iWI]

[youtube 3efV2wqEjEY]