Impact On Jupiter - Photos by Hubble

Jupiter Comet Strike recently reported that the Hubble Telescope took some very interesting photos of new found spot on Jupiter. It's believed this spot was created by a recent comet strike on the big gas planet. The size of the spot is immense by Earth standards, the size of our Pacific Ocean. However, on the planet Jupiter it was by shear luck an amateur  astronomer, Anthony Wesley, discovered the spot on July 19th.

Due to the special nature of the 19 year old telescope it is able to get visible light photos of the event in a way no Earth bound telescope can. Apparently the plan is for Hubble to take more photos of this rare event in the coming days and who knows what scientists will learn.

It never ceases to amaze me what Hubble can tell us, and everytime I hear about one of these amazing finds I think what will it be like when Hubble is retired and replaced with smaller telescopes that reside in a lower orbit than Hubble. That's an unfortunate side effect of the end of the U.S. Shuttle program next year.

You can find the link to the article HERE.