Where to Watch the Obama Inauguration

Like most Americans watching our the Presidential inauguration every four years is always a challenge since it happens at noon on what is typically a work day. So, what’s a boy to do? Well, find places on the net to watch it or listen to it. Obviously every TV and radio news service will be covering the event; and many of those with web counterparts will make video and audio streams available too. Below I will provide some links to likely or confirmed sites. Streams could be difficult to get stable, so you may have to “shop” around. Don’t forget international sites; while an American event, it has world wide implications.

Here is a great article from CNet about watching coverage on-line.

UStream - Live Video Coverage (Confirmed Live Coverage) CNN 44th President Inauguration Coverage (Coverage With FaceBook) ABC News Guide to the Inauguration CBS Live Inaugural Video (Confirmed Live Coverage) Fox News on Hulu.com (Confirmed 2 Hours of Coverage) MSNBC - The Inauguration

Enjoy this amazing moment in world politics, not just because it’s the first U.S. President of African-American heritage but because its a transfer of power that on January 20th will have occurred 44 times for more than 200 years under one constitution and no use of military power.

Think about it for just a moment as you watch the celebration. Celebrate the fact that while stable governments are not unheard of throughout history, long term stable governments of the people were incredibly unusual until the 1780’s when the current US Constitution was ratified. Just think about it and remember, America is more about red and blue states; it’s about the Red, White, Blue and Stars of Old Glory that peoples around the world more often than not see as a shinning beacon of hope and what is possible.