Best Buy $59 OS X Install (Geek Squad)

Best Buy Mac OS X Install Ad

This just doesn't make any sense to me, none at all. Maybe because I am Mac Head, or maybe because technology comes to me as easy as swimming comes to a fish; but why on Earth would anyone pay $59 (regularly $129) to have someone else install OS X? Not only that, the $59 price is only with the purchase of a new Mac. I realize that Leopard won't be pre-installed on Best Buy Macs yet, but upgrading from Tiger to Leopard on a brand new Mac should be one of the easiest things a new Mac owners does on their shiny new Mac.

I know that Windows installs are cryptic and upgrades even more so, but Apple has made upgrading pretty damn easy. I tell folks to do a fresh install (which is a pretty damn easy), but an upgrade on a Mac is nothing like an upgrade on a PC. For fresh installs or moving from an old Mac to a new Mac users have Migration Assistant which is simple and I'm told has been made even easier.

To me this looks like Best Buy and Geek Squad milking the uninformed for $59 or worse, $129.

NOTE TO NEW MAC PURCHASERS --- If you live in a town or near a town with an Apple Store, they will not only install the New OS, but they will also help you migrate all of your documents from your old computer. They will even migrate you from a PC!

I love Best Buy and think their deal with Apple is beyond fantastic; hey it puts an Apple Store near my house in Wylie, but this to me is just ridiculous.