Dad & Nancy Come to Town


Last weekend for the holiday Dad and Nancy drove down from Tulsa for a few days to visit. We hadn't seen them since our wedding last November. Tracy and I have been trying to get up to Tulsa, but obviously not trying hard enough since we haven't made it.

They came down on Friday and left on Sunday morning. Tracy and I both stayed home on Friday and did our best to keep the hounds of business from trampling down our door. Tracy succeeded far better than I, but eventually I was able to put all my troubles to bed until after the holiday. While I worked on closing out a few work issues, Tracy gave Dad and Nancy the 5 cent tour of our new house. Then once they were settled in, we all headed to Ballard Street Cafe for an eagerly awaited lunch.

Saturday morning Dad and I headed off to Dallas to find him his favorite Irish Whisky, Red Breast, that he discovered during our wedding at Trinity Hall in Dallas. We then headed back towards my neck of the woods, with a leisurely stop at a new cigar shop in Garland. There I treated Dad to a good cigar in the store's cigar lounge. Very enjoyable.

The rest of the weekend was really just spent relaxing, eating and chatting. It was a very enjoyable time, although too short.