Could Apple Be Planning Movie Rentals???


I was reading an article on MacRumors I saw a posting that showed this image of an iTunes support page dropdown that included the following (click on image):

  • DidNotReceiveMovie-RentalMovie
  • AccidentalPurchase-RentalMovie
  • ContentQuality-RentalMovie
  • DuplicatePurchase-RentalMovie
  • WrongVErsion-RentalMovie
  • BadMetadata-RentalMovie
  • Other-RentalMovie
There have been rumors that movie rentals were coming to iTunes. While Steve Jobs seems dead set against a subscription model for music (I agree with this stance), a rental plan for movies makes sense. The rumor is that you could rent the movie for 30 days for $2.99 and be able to move it to one other device (i.e., iPod, AppleTV, iPhone, etc...).

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