Cheap iPods - Get'em While They're HOT!

By now you have probably heard that Apple is releasing a 6th generation iPod called the "iPod Classic" and an iPod based on the iPhone design. That means that stores have to sell off the current stock of 5.5 generation iPods, as well as 2nd generation Nanos; as the Nano got a major redesign as well.

To that end I saw on

that Costco is in the process of liquidating their iPod stock at all of their stores. There are probably none left, but one never knows.
  • 2GB Nano: $49.97
  • 4GB Nano: $99.97
  • 8GB Nano: 149.97
  • 80GB iPod 5.5 Gen: 229.97 (normally $349)
Check out this

It's worth noting that other chains may be doing the same thing, although I was in Wal-Mart last night and their iPod were priced the same as they have been since released.