The Deals Are Done


We put our house on the market back in March, and since then have been looking and waiting, waiting and looking. After over three months, we have accepted an offer on house and the offer we made on the house we want has been accepted. Now, to say the deal is done doesn't mean it is all said and done, but the hard part is finally over.

I would love to say that the stress of the house hunt was over, but alas it isn't quite yet. We still have to close, and the appraisal hasn't yet been done on this house yet. I still have a few repairs to have done on this house, and we will need to review the house we are buying to insure nothing needs to be done there before we move in to the house. Of course, there is the move itself, along with getting all the various services switched over or turned on. For example, I don't know what rooms have coaxial connections already for TV and I will have to create a wireless network that will cover 3000 sq. feet of house.

With all that being said, Tracy, Courtney and myself are all very excited about the new house. It will give us all the space we need, and then some; as well as being a great place for Tracy and I to entertain family and friends. Tracy gets the space she needs for her stamping business and Courtney will have plenty of space to hide from us as teenagers like to do. Yes, even I get my own little space in the house.

The fine step before moving... THE CLOSING! Just the words alone can put fear in the hearts of home buyers. STAY TUNED, THE EXCITING SAGA IS FAR FROM OVER.