Moving Day - Not Far Off

We don't know what day we will be moving, but we do know it will be prior to June 23rd. That's right, we have only a few short weeks left in my first house. I started construction on this house back in October of 2002 and moved in on January 3rd of 2003. This was my first house and while not a complicated project for me personally, was still a major milestone in my life. While I will move on to other houses, other homes, this 1600 sq. foot structure will always hold a special place in my life. Not just because it was my first house, it was also the first house that Tracy, Courtney and I shared together; and together we are moving on to our next house, our next home.

I don't know for how long I will wax nostalgic about this house, and I am not the only one. All three of us do love this house; we have just outgrown what it can provide. The next house is bigger and yes, even a little nicer. There is a little work that we need to do and it won't be the same no matter what we do. As always, life is fully about change. One could say that this is just the final result of my new life with Tracy, and one might be right. That isn't to say that I don't fully enjoy each and every change that I've experience since meeting Tracy, in point of fact, I have fully enjoyed them all.

So while I say good bye to this house and the few years I lived here, I say hello to a new one and all the new experiences that come with that home. I also know that a new couple will become the caretaker of the home I had built. I believe they will take good care of her and she will in turn take good care of them.